Friday, June 29: it’s on! On this day, running will bring together ambitious entrepreneurs of all kinds. This run is not a single-player game! At the Startup Run of B. Amsterdam, startups and corporates will compete against one another for the title.  Whether you compete in the run or join us for a celebratory drink at the finish, this is a unique chance to connect.

Last year, the title went to the corporates.
So: will you defend the title? Or do you want to kick some corporate ass?


Compete // connect with inspiring businesses


Anyone with ambitions to grow their business

// Date

Friday, June 29

// Time

4pm to 10pm

// Location

B. Amsterdam

5k run
10k run

Quitters don’t run, runners don’t quit

Partners and Sponsors

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gold sponsor startup run 2018

Contact us at startuprun@b-buildingbusiness.com about the sponsor opportunities

Contact us at startuprun@b-buildingbusiness.com about the sponsor opportunities

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Are you interested in contributing to the most active and energetic competition in the tech scene? Get in touch with us for more information about partner opportunities at startuprun@b-buildingbusiness.com

Want to improve your running skills?

Are you an easy jogger or time-to-beat speed runner? Our partner B Gym offers a running program for first-time runners (10 weeks) and time-to-beaters (6 weeks).

Interested? Click here to fill in the online intake form.

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Startup Run is part of the annual branded events of B. Amsterdam and sportive competition between startups and corporates.

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